Unbound Now Partners with U.S. Embassy to Prevent Online Exploitation of Children in Mongolia

In 2023 we celebrated 10 years of our work in Mongolia.

Today we celebrate our team in Mongolia who has worked tirelessly for over a decade to recover and support victims of human trafficking and prevent it from ever happening in the first place.

In lock step with this vision and the partnership of the U.S. Embassy to Mongolia with Ambassador Richard Buangan and World Vision Mongolia they took an exciting new step forward to protecting the children of this nation. Together these partners form the U.S.-Mongolia Child Protection Compact Partnership, which works to close gaps in communities to protect vulnerable populations from human trafficking and exploitation.

The compact has seen many victims of human trafficking recovered and thousands of lives touched with vital educational resources through their work.

As they gathered together in Ulaanbattar, Mongolia today they were proud to launch an important workshop for Mongolian secondary school teachers empowering students to avoid becoming victims of online exploitation.

We honor our teams across the world and celebrate the life changing impact their work is having!

Until all are free.


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