Financial Reports

Unbound Now takes seriously our responsibility to our funders and the communities and clients we serve to steward our finances with integrity and transparency.

Our operating budget for the year 2024 stands at $11.1 million, and we are wholly dedicated to ensuring complete transparency and financial excellence in our management practices. Please see the Organizational Financial Update from the CEO for further details on our 2024 budget.


The provided Form 990s were prepared for Unbound Now, which included the operations of Unbound Now headquarters and the programs of Unbound Waco. Prior to 2020, Unbound Now operated under the 501(c)(3) of Antioch Community Church of Waco and did not prepare Form 990s. In 2022, Unbound Now integrated domestic offices, and future financial reports will reflect this. For more information, please see our Organizational Financial History.

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