The Reagan

A specialized short term placement for girls who have been exploited

The Reagan provides a safe environment for girls ages 12-17 who have been sexually exploited to heal.

Staff work with youth to build coping skills, life skills, and healthy relationships.

We partner with the Waco, Texas community to offer a variety of services to meet the specialized needs of sexually exploited youth, including Trust Based Relational Interventions, Trauma Informed Cognitive Behavioral therapy, EMDR therapy, and other trauma informed interventions.


The Reagan envisions a reality in which every girl who has experienced sexual exploitation will have a pathway to full healing and freedom.


The Reagan provides an evidence-based, trauma-informed home where every girl can experience safety and nurturing care while accessing resources for recovery.



The Reagan is committed to the safety of every youth placed in our care. We actively seek to minimize risk for future abuse or exploitation through consistent training, evidence-based policies and procedures, and adherence to local, state, and federal guidelines to ensure the best possible environment for trust, growth, and recovery.

Trauma-Informed Practices

The Reagan is built upon the principles of trauma-informed care, which can be seen through the design of the home, the services provided to youth, and continued education of staff and volunteers on the effects of trauma and how to best support youth.

Community Partnership

The Reagan believes community is a key tool in the long-term recovery process. We value the resources, support, and expertise of churches, community members, and organizations that are committed to the same mission of eliminating child abuse and exploitation. Unbound Now Waco and The Reagan hope each youth who leaves their care will be knowledgeable and connected to the resources available to them within their community.