Testimony: Unbound Mongolia

Did you know Unbound has an office in Mongolia? In this testimony, a staff member shares how he broke his addiction to pornography after learning about the connection between pornography and sex trafficking.

My name is M. Here is my story about how I became a fighter against pornography after struggling with an addiction for multiple years. 

My pornography addiction began when I was in 8th grade. By that time, we used to have many gaming places in my city called internet cafes where we could play and use the internet for different purposes. Meanwhile, only a few families used to have the internet at their homes. 

One day, my classmates and I went to an internet café in order to play a game together. We gathered our money and paid for the VIP room, where there were multiple computers and we could lock the door if we wanted. While we were playing a game, one of our friends was watching pornography on his screen. I glanced at his screen once and continued to play. Soon after, he started to give us links where we could watch same video. That is how I began watching pornography as a child. From then on, my friends and I watched porn when we hung out, causing some of us to be more focused on porn instead of the game we were playing. 

After a while, my parents bought me a personal computer and internet access for educational purposes. They set up the computer in my room, where I could lock the door. By that age, I was equipped with everything that I needed to watch pornography on my own. I watched tons of pornographic videos, sometimes spending my whole weekend watching them on my computer screen. 

Soon enough, I realized that pornography was consuming too much of my time, and I noticed how it was negatively affecting me. For example, when I saw a girl, my mind would imagine that she was in one of the videos I had watched earlier. It was embarrassing and shameful. This continued for two years. As my addiction grew, my grades plunged to Ds and Fs. 

When I entered the 11th grade, I decided that I wanted to stop watching pornography and really focus on my grades instead. I began devoting all of my time to my education. I would leave for school early in the morning and work on the homework from that day right when I got home. But even though I tried to stay busy with schoolwork and set different goals, the videos that I had seen would still pop into my mind, sometimes leading me to watch more pornography.

Although it was a difficult process, I continued fighting my addiction to the best of my ability. My grades sharply increased that school year to Bs and As. My teachers would call me to the front of the classroom in order to tell our class how much my grades were improving. By the time I graduated, I had received high scores on my exams and was able to enroll in a competitive university. I became one of the first students from my community who could choose from different professions. Despite of all these successes, my mind would still think about pornography at times.

When I was in my second year at my university, one of my classmates asked me to go the church with her. The atmosphere and the people were great, and I started going to church and Lifegroup consistently. During that time, however, my brain was still struggling with the memories of pornography. One day at church, Unbound Mongolia led an event called Justice Sunday. They discussed how human trafficking and pornography harm individuals and relationships. Unbound Magnolia announced that Sunday that they were going to start a 10-week program of training for volunteers. Without a doubt in my mind, I made the decision to participate in this training. 

After completing that training, I served as a volunteer for a full year at Unbound Mongolia, and went on to join the staff as the social media manager, where I create content related to our current campaigns. I also joined the training team, and have had the opportunity to educate more volunteers on the effects of pornography. As a man who used to struggle with an addiction, I know firsthand how pornography is easy to watch but hard to quit. I regret that there was no one who told me about the consequences of pornography earlier in my life, and I want to prevent others from falling into the same struggle that destroyed so much of my time and damaged my brain. I hope that through Unbound Mongolia, many Mongolian men and women can be saved from having to experience the harm of human trafficking and pornography. 

As we continue to educate our whole society about the effects of pornography, we are creating a safer future where more people can experience freedom instead of addiction. I am truly so thankful for the church and for Unbound Mongolia for changing my life. 

You can support Unbound’s work overseas so more people like M can join the fight against human trafficking.


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