Unbound Now North Texas

Meet the team

Not all Unbound Now Advocates are pictured due to online safety considerations.

Sandy Hennip

Executive Director


The Underground Comfort Doodle

Vanessa Almodovar

Director of Survivor Advocacy

Tirzah Brown

Director of Programs

Taylor Gaines


Sonya Brooks

Director of Youth Prevention

Rundee Smith

CSEY Advocacy Program Coordinator

Paola Chavez Reyes

Community Outreach Coordinator

Lydia Carlock

Task Force Program Coordinator

Lucy Walters

Underground Empowerment Specialist

Kelley Willis

Grant Manager

Jenifer Ortiz

Underground Program Manger

Jasionna Terry

Client Services Facilitator

Grace Bridges


Elise Gill


Chris Cage, J.D.

Director of the Underground

Amy Barton

Client Services Facilitator