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Mongolia, a beautiful country of 3 million people, has a 30 percent poverty rate, an estimated 45,000 semi-orphaned children and around 4,700 slaves. Our neighbor countries, China and Russia, are part of the Global Slavery Index’s top 10 countries that make up 76 percent of human trafficking in the world. Slaves from Mongolia are most often trafficked to China, Malaysia, Macau, the Philippines, South Korea, Russia and Japan. And we are not OK with that.

UnBound Mongolia is committed to mobilize the local community to see the trafficking of women and children end in their country.

We focus on bringing awareness to at-risk villages and schools in the capital city. In our training sessions, we present on what human trafficking is and the driving force of demand through pornography. In order to see this injustice come to an end, we need a focused, joint effort from law enforcement, lawyers, social workers and the public.

You can be a part of seeing people set free.


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  • Mongolia’s population is 3 million people.

    Mongolia has around 4,700 slaves. The country is sandwiched between China and Russia. These 2 countries are part of the 10 countries that make up 76% of trafficking in the world. (Global Slavery Index)

    East Asia has the most prominent trans-trafficking world wide (UN)

    Mongolia has a 30% poverty rate (World Bank)

    Mongolia has 45,000 semi-orphaned children (Asia Foundation, 2007 study)

    Major destination countries: China, Malasia, Macau, Filippines, South Korea, Russia, and Japan

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