Three Part Podcast Series Highlights the Work of UnBound

In 2017, TFNB Your Bank for Life chose UnBound Waco as a “Charity Champion,” and they have since provided great awareness and community exposure. Recently, they released a three-part podcast series highlighting our work!

Part One: National Director Susan Peters

In this episode, UnBound National Director Susan Peters shares about how UnBound got started, how to identify victims and how UnBound collaborates with other community agencies.







Part Two: McLennan County Sheriff Parnell MacNamara

In this episode, Sheriff MacNamara describes his agency’s efforts to combat human trafficking, and how their strong partnership with UnBound has grown over the years.







Part Three: Survivor Leader Julia Walsh

In this episode, Julia Walsh shares how she was trafficked, how she overcame, and how she’s using her experience to help others.







Huge thanks to Charity Champions and TFNB Your Bank For Life for producing this podcast!