No Chapter Nearby?

Don’t worry – You can still be part of activating your community to fight human trafficking.

Get Educated – Learn about human trafficking by doing online research, reading books, watching documentaries and more. Then find out what’s happening in your own community! You can start your search here.

Raise Awareness – Host an event, present at a meeting, write a blog. Use your voice to tell others about the reality of human trafficking.

Get Involved – Chances are, there’s something happening in your community to fight human trafficking, even indirectly. Mentor an at-risk kid, check out local initiatives, or lead others in a study of biblical justice or the problem of pornography.

Reach Out – We would love to help you brainstorm other ways to get involved. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more resources, ideas or advice.

Give – Help UnBound fight human trafficking across the U.S. and around the world with UnBound. You can meet tangible needs of survivors, support professional training or be a part of preventing human trafficking from happening with your gift!