Your involvement can make a big impact. Each UnBound location has unique opportunities and events you can help with. Lawyers, doctors, moms, kids, college students and more - there's a way for you to fight human trafficking!

If you're interested in volunteer opportunities, your best first step is to contact your local UnBound location. We do everything through relationship—and we'd love to meet you.

  • Prayer is an essential weapon in this fight. In prayer, we seek freedom for captives and ask for insight into ways we can combat slavery locally. We also pray for opportunities to unite with other anti-trafficking organizations, community leaders and churches to stand for an end to human trafficking.

    Contact your local UnBound to find out about prayer events.

    There’s a lot we could pray for in the fight against human trafficking, but here are a few things to start with:

    • Protection and prevention for men, women and children who are being targeted by traffickers.
    • Freedom and justice for every person being used as a labor or sex slave.
    • Change of heart for traffickers – both the profiteers and the buyers.
    • Complete mental, physical, emotional and spiritual restoration for survivors of trafficking.
    • A shift in culture that doesn’t tolerate sexual exploitation through pornography or prostitution.
    • Justice and wisdom for prosecution and conviction of traffickers and provision for survivors.
    • Action by communities – professionals and non-professionals – to join together in this fight.
  • Each UnBound location has unique opportunities for anyone with a willing heart and a little bit of spare time. Opportunities may include working with at-risk youth at the juvenile detention centers, helping with administrative work, being trained to give training or planning fundraiser events. Remember—big change starts with small actions!

    Check out the volunteer opportunities on your local UnBound page.

  • Educating yourself about human trafficking is one of the most important things you can do.

    Host or attend a training. Most UnBound location provide awareness training. You can request one through your local UnBound.

    Read and Research. There are hundreds of amazing websites, books and films about human trafficking. We also have resources on our blog to help you build your knowledge. 

    Ask Questions. Ask your local teachers, law enforcers, friends and co-workers if they have heard about human-trafficking. You may be surprised at what is happening in your community.

    Follow UnBound on social media. We regularly use social media to share news, tips and information that will keep you up-to-date on human trafficking in the world. Follow us on Facebook and, Instagram!

    Contact your local UnBound for more resources or to attend a training.

  • Awareness saves lives. Sex trafficking is a hidden crime, but if we bring it into the light, we will make it a lot more difficult for traffickers. Spreading the word about this issue is one of the most vital ways to stop it.

    Get Social. UnBound is on Facebook and Instagram! Follow us to stay updated with what we are doing and how you can be involved.

    Introduce Us To Your Friends. We would love to meet your friends. Share us on social media and invite them to be a part of what UnBound is doing.

    Contact Your Elected Officials. Let your government officials know about the problem of human trafficking and that you want them to act. Encourage your friends to do the same!

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Are you part of a group or agency that needs to know more about human trafficking? UnBound offers a variety of professional and non-professional training and presentations.