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UnBound Greece is an initiative of UnBound to engage the refugee crisis by providing critically needed services to refugees through human trafficking prevention and awareness.

The high demand for human trafficking throughout Europe has created a volatile backdrop for the refugee crisis. Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world and relies on the use of force, fraud and coercion to exploit vulnerable populations. In 2015, over a million refugees fled to Europe seeking safety. This massive wave of vulnerable people into a region with a high demand for human trafficking has created the explosive intersection of two of the greatest humanitarian crises of our time.

A + B = C, unless D

  A  (high demand for human trafficking in Europe)

+ B  (influx of highly vulnerable refugee populations)

= C  (high probability of refugees being exploited/trafficked in or across the trail)

unless D (the Church intervenes and equips communities to aggressively fight human trafficking)

Prevention & Awareness, Professional Training & Collaboration

This year, UnBound will be strategically located in Greece, and entry country for refugees, where we will activate local communities to fight human trafficking by:

  • Providing prevention and awareness materials to refugees that inform them of their rights as refugees, the risk of trafficking in Europe, and local human trafficking hotline numbers.
  • Facilitating women’s support groups for refugees.
  • Seeking opportunities to train local businesses, community groups, and churches to educate them about the issue of human trafficking and equip them to identify and report potential victims in their communities.
  • Collaborating with other organizations.

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  • Your gift to UnBound Europe will go directly to the fight to protect vulnerable refugees from human trafficking and activate communities to respond.

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