Your child is home, but are they safe?

It’s plain to see that the world is rapidly changing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic—not just on a global scale, but on a personal level. As schools and businesses close, families are exploring what it means to stay home and try to continue life remotely through various technologies. As students transition to learning from home using amazing online resources to continue their education, we as parents need to be vigilant and aware of our kids’ social media and internet activity. In times like these, technology can be an incredible gift, but the internet also has a dark side. For your children, increased time online means increased risk of being targeted by predators who are taking advantage of the uptick in kids’ online activity. The potential for exposure to pornography is also increased as more time is spent on electronic devices.

Unbound College Exposes Waco Community to “Nefarious” Reality of Human Trafficking

Waco, TX — The Unbound College Team in Waco recently hosted a viewing of the documentary Nefarious, exposing Waco students to the ugly truth of human trafficking in a world where this issue often flies under the radar.

Students gathered at local coffee shop Common Grounds to watch this documentary that Unbound College leader Jessica Ullrich described as an “intense movie that acts as a wake-up call of the dark realities that are affecting local individuals.”

The documentary emphasized how shame plays a large role in perpetuating the cycle of human trafficking, and how redemption is available for each individual.

“Shame is the common factor that makes this issue relatable for anyone,” Ullrich said. “Human trafficking is the type of issue where once you’re exposed to it you can’t look away, and you have to do something because it’s so horrible and disgusting. As people look at this issue in the face for the first time, we have full expectation that people are going to get passionate about it and get angry.”

Unbound BCS approved for outreach in Brazos County Detention

Traffickers target individuals during vulnerable times, where needs and desires are heightened. That’s one of the reasons Unbound BCS will start providing prevention and awareness education in the Brazos County Detention Center, where they’ll have the opportunity to interact with women reentering the community. Women leaving incarceration may have increased risk factors for trafficking, including […]