Testimony: Unbound Mongolia

Did you know Unbound has an office in Mongolia? In this testimony, a staff member shares how he broke his addiction to pornography after learning about the connection between pornography and sex trafficking.

My name is M. Here is my story about how I became a fighter against pornography after struggling with an addiction for multiple years.

My pornography addiction began when I was in 8th grade. By that time, we used to have many gaming places in my city called internet cafes where we could play and use the internet for different purposes. Meanwhile, only a few families used to have the internet at their homes.

One day, my classmates and I went to an internet café in order to play a game together. We gathered our money and paid for the VIP room, where there were multiple computers and we could lock the door if we wanted. While we were playing a game, one of our friends was watching pornography on his screen. I glanced at his screen once and continued to play. Soon after, he started to give us links where we could watch same video. That is how I began watching pornography as a child. From then on, my friends and I watched porn when we hung out, causing some of us to be more focused on porn instead of the game we were playing.