For a victim of human trafficking, being rescued is just the beginning of their freedom process. Without the proper care, many of them suffer from serious depression, debt, resort to substance abuse or return to a life of prostitution or trafficking.

Our aftercare programs work to keep survivors of trafficking out of that lifestyle and bring them to a place where they can reintegrate into society in a healthy way.

The Hope House and the Snowdrop Project seek to provide the vital support that survivors of trafficking need in order to build new lives no longer defined by their traumatic past.


In Seattle, WA there are at least 1,000 women trafficked for sex each year. It is estimated that 300-500 of those are minors. There are only 15 beds currently available in Seattle for long-term care at the moment.

The Hope House seeks to meet this underserved need by housing 6-8 adult women in 2014 with plans to increase our capacity in the coming years. Our mission is to journey with the sexually oppressed as they receive freedom through the love of Jesus that will empower them to impact our city and world.

We have researched and designed an effective model for our aftercare program and will and will continue to hone that model after we have launched in 2014.

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The Snowdrop Project is the first initiative in the UK providing extended support to victims of human trafficking as they start to build new lives.

Each year men, women and children from all over the world are tricked into believing they have the opportunity to start a new life in the UK. They leave their home, family, and friends hoping to escape hardship or persecution in their own country.

However, once they reach their destination their dreams quickly change to a nightmare as they are sold as a commodity into a life of servitude and abuse.

Currently in the UK there is only provision for victims of human trafficking for 45 days following their release or rescue. After this time many are resettled into the community with minimal assistance. This can be an overwhelming period in which the majority are left in an extrememly vulnerable situation.

The Snowdrop Project seeks to address this gap in provision. We do this by:

  • providing case workers to assist survivors with emotional and psychological well-being
  • housing and tenancy
  • life-skills
  • community integration
  • access to education, training and employment opportunities
  • asylum/refugee status

UnBound cannot support survivors of sex trafficking in Europe without your help. Donate to the Snowdrop Project by clicking here.

If you suspect someone is a victim of human trafficking call The National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888

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